Benefits of Employment Compliance/HR Consulting 

Ronetta J Francis, JD, an employment counsel with over twenty-five years of experience in the federal government and private sector for the Fortune 1 company, is a leading subject matter expert in the area of Employment Compliance.  Through consulting, companies avoid costly litigation of employment claims, define and refine their organizational culture and achieve higher employee engagement and productivity.

Avoid costly litigation of employment claims by:

  • Conducting internal investigations
  • Providing awareness and training to supervisory and management personnel
  • Developing and implementing practical employment polices, procedures and practices
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance with the entire scope of employment laws affecting the workplace

Define and refine their organizational culture by:

  • Assessing and understanding the company’s existing systems, resources, and factors that accelerate or impede success
  • Identifying and implementing change management strategies, as needed
  • Deploying action plans specifically created to have immediate, short-term impact, as well as long-term benefits


Achieve higher employee engagement by:

  • Conducting team building leadership development workshops
  • Developing programs designed to retain top talent and inspire peak performance

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Ronetta has been nothing short of a God-send.  Her leadership, coaching and training skills were just the things I needed to refocus and re-energize.  Her insight, coupled with her ability to listen, while sharing her knowledge and experience, were critical in the realignment of my personal and professional goals.  Through our coaching sessions, I feel championed, supported and encouraged.

E.M., Former Administrative Judge, US EEOC